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About the College

Georg Ots Tallinn Music College is a national vocational education institution. The college, as it is today, has grown out from Tallinn Higher Music School, established in 1919, which continued as an independent school in 1954. After the death of the legendary singer Georg Ots, the college was named after him in 1975.

When originally the college was engaged only in classical music, then in 1977 popular music, currently rhythmical music specialties were opened both for singers and instrumentalists on the initiative of Uno Naissoo.

Nowadays, cooperation between the directions of classical and rhythmical music, integration between different curricula and great training opportunities in co-operation with concert organisations and foreign partners make the college unique.

In 2019, Georg Ots Tallinn Music College is celebrating its 100th anniversary and in this regard we are inviting everyone to the college’s jubilee events!